1.  Integrating with policies and national goals, we have selected the crucial goals those are:


    -Attracting and recruiting talents in coaching and researching.

    -Upgrading teaching skill of lectures, pedagogical training environment also teaching and learning devices.

    -Nurturing athletes for international sports competitions.

  2. -Recruiting outstanding lecturers with various teaching syllabus, researching devices and teaching aids

    -Promoting the scientific goals of training program.

    -Providing extra programs for students who are going to take the recruitment examination of coach training program

  3. The research in energy and boosting the interdisciplinary approach’s function, the development of sport technological devices, the development of reasoning and practice in sport field those will be included in the master program of Sport and Leisure Education
  4. Opening the part-time Master programs and Ph.D programs.
  5. Looking for social resources, supporting funds for athletes also improving the skills of training, mentoring and coaching for future extension.