1. Scholarship applications open on September to October 31.

2. Qualifications

I. The master's degree scholarships are opened for year two master degree student to apply. The athletic scholarships are opened for bachelor degree student who have won medals in the six national competitions or national single championships.

II. Applicants are limited to one application. Students with a bachelor's degree who have won the Principal's Award for the previous academic year in terms of athletic performance may not apply for athletic scholarships.

3. Application Procedures

I. Applicants must prepare the following documents: application form, transcript of the previous academic year, recommendation letter from the instructor (or coach), and other important achievements within a year that are favorable for review (such as: important achievements, academic paper publication, Sports performance).

II. Please download the application form and the recommendation letter from the department website.

* There are other sholarships available for our department students, please visit the department office for more information.


If you have any question, please conctact the Office of International Affair: